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Create employment opportunities and choices for people with significant disabilities.


Employment choices for every person with a disability.


Values are a set of standards that determine attitudes, choices, and action. As we position ourselves as a national leader for people with disabilities, these values will help align our organization and culture for mission success.

  • Trust – A firm reliance on the transparency, integrity, and character of people and process
  • Innovation – New and better ways to be relevant
  • Empowerment – Inspire individuals to achieve superior outcomes
  • Stewardship – Prudent use and management of our resources
  • Passion – Intense and unwavering commitment to our mission
  • Humility – To serve and learn


Our mission in creating employment opportunities and choices for people with significant disabilities is incredibly rewarding and challenging. It requires an unwavering commitment to our values, principles and to acting with the highest degree of integrity. For us, integrity means upholding the highest ethical and legal standards in everything we do in order to build and maintain trust. It is that trust that will enable us to work toward accomplishing our mission with greater speed and ease.

Steve Soroka, President and CEO, SourceAmerica


SourceAmerica Code of Conduct